More Solutions, LLC

Jeweler Advantage Competitor A Competitor B
Price $75/month $95/month $215/month
Customer Profiles Yes Yes Yes
- Pictures Yes No No
- Relationships Yes No No
- Send Email Yes No No
Orders/Repairs Yes Yes Yes
- Pictures Yes Optional No
- Partial Payments Yes Yes No
- Barcode Scanning Yes No Yes
Appraisals Yes Yes No
- Pictures Yes Optional No
- Official Appraisal Yes Yes No
Inventory Yes Yes Yes
- Pictures Yes Optional No
- Product Categories Unlimited 2 1
- Barcode Printing Yes No No
Reports Yes Yes No
Calendar Yes No No
Online Access Yes No No
Supplemental Fields Yes No No
Live Search Yes No No
Remote Backups Yes No No
Free Upgrades Yes No No
Unlimited Store Locations Yes No No
Unlimited User Accounts Yes No No
Export to Excel Yes Yes No
Export to Outlook Yes No No
Age of Technology 5+ years 21+ years 13+ years
Number of Records 10+ billion 100+ million 100+ million
Price $75/month $95/month $215/month