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The focus of the Jeweler Advantage software is now on the customer. Rather than arbitrarily creating new tickets, you can easily keep track of all your customers. With this feature, all information pertaining to each customer is in one central location (such as addresses, phone numbers, and associated orders).


Create virtual connections between customers so that you may remember how they all know each other.


Store an unlimited amount of images for each customer. Small thumbnails and larger fullsize pictures are automatically created for you.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Each customer can have their birthday and anniversary dates entered, which may then be transmitted with the standard e-mail notifications.


Send customized e-mails to your customers with any information you like.


Orders still feature the enhanced flexibility of customized information, but are now including detailed information, such as full edit histories and payment information. Rather than utilizing accounting restrictions, the Jeweler Advantage software allows for unlimited payments and items to be added to each order. Each listing then occupies its own space in a clean and organized layout. If the order is associated with an existing customer, personal information is only one click away.


As with the customer records, unlimited images may be stored for each order. Multiple pictures help allow for a progression of images showing the status changes of each order.

Edit History

Every time a change is made to an order (or any other record), detailed information is recorded automatically. This allows business owners to understand changes their employees make to records. In addition, all status updates are notated for quick access.


With the Appraisals option, you can eliminate your old typewriter and start using digital documents. This flexibility allows you to save time and money by allowing to return to appraisals in the future and print duplicate copies instantly.

Official View

An official format may be generated of any appraisal, to allow for easy printing. This also lets you give a copy of each appraisal to your customers, while storing an electronic copy in this program. You will no longer need to keep copies for yourself.

Multiple Items

All appraisals have built-in support for up to two items per sheet. Images may be tied to each item and can reduce the amount of paperwork and overhead involved with traditional appraisals.


As the most eagerly anticipated new feature, the inventory function offers unparalleled ease of use and features.


Maintain records of all purchases by both your business and your customers, including purchase and sale prices.


Create categories to easily divide your products into simple and recognizable groups. This will also you become more organized.


Reports may be generated and saved on a collection of different information, including sales and customer trends. Customized reports may also be created.


Keep track of your appointments and receive notifications about upcoming events automatically with your automated report.


Jeweler Advantage software offers a robust settings area with available options for nearly every aspect of the program as a whole. From adding new payment methods to reviewing various statistical information, future upgrades will be within easy reach.

Supplemental Fields

New fields (text, date, and multiple choices) may be created for any record in the system. Users may easily update their records with new entries at any time, allowing for future expandability.

User Accounts

Create accounts for each of your employees, with their own authority levels. This allows businesses to maintain security and to easily see records that each user is viewing.


Building on the popular Order Management software, Jeweler Advantage enhances the program to allow for greater ease of use. New features offer customization and flexibility.

Style Selection

Users may each specify their own style for the software. Selections range from Standard to Large and give users one touch access to different font sizes to suit their needs. Changes may be made at any time from the top toolbar.

Online Access

The most unique feature of the Jeweler Advantage system is the full online capability. You are able to access your data from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Since the entire system is online, all you need is your business' individual web address.

Zip Code Lookup

Whenever filling in an address, all you need is the ZIP code. The city, state, and country can be automatically entered for you.

Printable View

Every page of the program has an associated Printable View button which allows for reduced formatting and an easier format for printing. In fact, when printing any page, this style is automatically accepted by your printer.

E-Mail Notifications

Customized and automatic e-mails may be generated for you at your desired interval to notify you of upcoming orders or other aspects you may desire.

Upgrade Guarantee

The Jeweler Advantage software is eligible for the Upgrade Guarantee program, whereby businesses will always have the latest updates and enhancements available, and for no cost!